Saturday, December 22, 2012

Until We Meet Again

My first few weeks in Oxford four months ago were spent exploring and acquainting myself with this amazing city. My final weeks were spent much differently. They were filled with lasts.

Last milkshake from Shakespeares's, Caitlin and I's favorite Oxford haunt.
Last spree in Poundland buying Maoams and Tangfastics and Cadbury mallow cookies.
Last meal prepared for the flat per our weekly schedule.
Last chance to hang out with our good friend Beth; tear filled goodbyes.
Last lecture, last seminar, last coursework, last exam.
Last meal at the White Horse, a pub right down the road.
Last chance to experience the simple joy of riding at very front of the bus.
Last trip to Angel and Greyhound, with its cozy atmosphere and winter cider.
Last Primark shopping spree, wishing I could buy everything in the clothing store.
Last chance to walk around the Covered Market and get a Ben's Cookie on the way out.
Last tea time at the adorable Vault and Gardens
Last trek to Mac Simple, though I can't say I'll miss those.
Last ride on my beloved trains, whizzing through the English countryside.
Last time riding the blue double decker U1 through the city centre.
Last trip to Mr. Simm's Sweet Shoppe, now called Hardy's--a change that seemingly happen overnight.
Last opportunity to walk down High Street, in awe of the beautiful, amazing and historical buildings that make up this wonderful city.
And most importantly, last chance to wake up in Oxford, wander the city and call it my home.

I never expected to fall in love with a city the way I have Oxford. But from the moment I got here I knew this was the place to be. Knew Study Abroad was right, knew England was right, knew Oxford was right.

I've gotten used to being in this breathtaking city and I think I'd begun to take it for granted. But at the same time I sometimes find myself questioning whether this is real life. Or is it just an elaborate dream? Because my time in Oxford has exceeded expectations. One day recently I woke up and it hit me. My time here was never umlimited and now it's coming to an end. When you first arrive, four months seems so long. But then you plan trips, meet people and explore the country and all of a sudden it's December and you're saying goodbye and packing up your room. In a reent email from Peter, our OBU faculty liaison, he wrote that soon this will all be in the past, it will just be a memory. I think of these terribly true words every time I take the bus into the city. Soon this will be a memory. And what an amazing memory it shall be.

So, see you later Oxford. I refuse to say goodbye because I know that someway, somehow I'll find my way back here. Some day.

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