Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello Readers,

Long time no write. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've started my classes and am trying to get my bearings as to how much work I'll have and when/how is the best time to do it.
For those of you who care about the classes I'm taking, (hi Mom and Dad!) I actually dropped my Music class. Thy don't really have GenEd requirements so it was filled almost entirely with Music students who almost all seemed to have taken A Levels (the best was I can explain this is that they're sort of like APs) in Music so they all knew so much about music. Now, I love music but I don't know much about theory or history other than maybe a little bit about choral music from being in choirs my whole life.

I have never felt more lost or in over my head than those three hours when I sat in that class and listened to all the students around me name from memory the musical period and years of a multitude of composers. Wen we listened to a piece and were asked for our thoughts they spoke of leaps and instrument types and a multitude of other terms I can't even remember because they were basically Greek to me. Seriously its like they were speaking another language. I realized that I didn't want to start a class basically already behind, so I decided to take Peter's class for credit and duck out of the music class. While I am here to learn, I don't want to go certifiably insane really, dropping this class was to protect my mental health.

I'm in Scotland this week and will update you all on it when I get back!

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