Friday, September 7, 2012

Settling Into Our British Home

Wow! September 7th felt like the longest day of my life! Because our flight left Dulles at 6pm, we got into Heathrow at 1am EST, which is actually 6am BST so just as it felt like our day was ending, it actually began again.  I wasn't able to sleep on the plane at all, so I was exhausted and powered through the day until we were finally able to go to bed that evening. Being awake for 30+ hours can really take a toll on your body and I think we're all still trying to catch up! But I think I've successfully adjusted to British time, so staying up that long served its purpose.

I live in a flat with (right now) 3 other people: Libby, Austin and Caitlin, all friends from HPU. There are five rooms in our flat, but right now no one lives in Flat D. I live in Flat E, which used to be the living room, so my room is actually three times (possibly more) the size of everyone else's room, which only have just enough room for the bed, armoir and desk. Pictures of my room are below:

We also have a kitchen, toilet room and bathroom (for showering) that we all share as a group. Dr Forsaith, our Oxford Brookes liason was kind enough to buy us dishes, silverware and some pots and pans to get us started, which was super nice of him. 

On our first day here, we ate at Turf's Tavern, a famous pub here in Oxford. In order to get there, you have to walk down a (slightly creepy) passage, which means that the only people who go there are people who know where to look for it. Because of this it isn't much of a tourist location. There is a sign pointing the way, which Libby is pictured with the right.  After dinner we walked the city centre to get the lay of the land.

On Friday, Dr Forsaith took us on a more in depth tour of the city centre. We saw the outside of a lot of famous Oxford sighs such as Christ Church, the Bodleian Library, High Street, Broad Street and the Covered Market. Some of my favorite pictures are below!

We also enrolled on Friday, so I'm officially an Oxford Brookes student. I'm so excited for this adventure! I hope you enjoyed reading about my first few days here, and don't forget you can enter your email address to get notifications when I post something new (on the right). 

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