Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life in Oxford

Friday's trip to Ironbridge was the last of our Heritage visits with all 24 of us, so this week has been about truly living in Oxford--eating, shopping and just existing.

Most of the Study Abroad/Exchange students and the Freshers moved in on Saturday and Sunday, so now there is a lot going on in the Clive Booth Student Village (where I live). It's nice to have people around, because for our first week and a half it was very deserted and didn't feel real.

On Saturday my flatmates and I went to an International Student quiz and supper on campus. We were fed pizza and chips (french fries for those at home) as well as a dessert and it was free, so that's always a plus for any college student. We got into a group of 12 and many different countries were represented--France, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, Spain, Italy and the US, of course. There were four round total--some we did really well on like Flags/Capitals and some that were surprisingly difficult like  the UK Round. We got a few of those questions, but then there were some like "What the the tallest mountains in each of these UK countries: Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales?" And collectively as a team we found we couldn't even name a single mountain in all of Great Britain, let alone the highest." But it didn't seem like many teams got this question, so it wasn't just us. Caitlin, Libby, Austin and I kept waiting for them to ask a questions about Salisbury Cathedral, or Bath or any of the places we went to last week, but they never did. Oh, well. It was fun to meet some other people and participate in a quiz. These trivia challenges seem to be really popular here in Oxford--they do quizzes at pubs nearly every night of the week. We'll have to check one out in the city centre soon.

We've also been swapping numbers with other Oxford Brookes students including a British Australian (with a very interesting accent) here on exchange and a British girl who lives in Clive Booth near our block who teaching us all about British culture. More about British culture soon!

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