Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goodbye, K1

October 15
Although a little wary at first, the flat that I have lived in for the past month and a half has ended up treating me well. Until we discovered the mold of course. Apparently its in the structure of the building and there needs to be some major repairs made. So, High Point is moving out of Block K and into Block F.

I'm trying to be optimistic about all of this--it is, after all, supposed to a nicer block with recently renovated flats--but the annoyance of having to move flats in the middle of the week is kind of bringing me down.

My parents are coming to visit in a few days, and the last thing I wanted to do in preparing for them to come was move. I had planned on getting ahead on any schoolwork I have this week before they arrive so that I would have time to spend with them when they are here. But now I have to add moving all my things to another flat and organizing them in a moderately presentable way to the list of things I have to do before my parents arrive. So yes, I guess you could say I'm annoyed.

I do, however, appreciate the speed at which this was all worked out. A lot of the developments actually occurred while we were in Ireland this past weekend, and we actually only found out about it while checking Facebook at the airport this evening. So now there's to be a lot of packing in the next few days, but at least we will be living in a mold free flat.

So, like I said. I'm trying to be optimistic.

16 October
I've just heard that our flat is ready for us to move into. So I guess that's what I'll be doing this evening.

Apparently we are living with the Warden, which hopefully will not present any kind of problem. Likely this warden will have their own thing going on so we might not even really see them that much (our friend Beth lives with the warden in her building and says that she doesn't really ever see her). However, this does mean that I no longer have a gigantic room. In K1 I lived in a massive room that apparently used to be the living room. It was annoying because I was downstairs and sometimes missed out on the conversations that were occurring with my flatmates. Multiple times they came downstairs ready to leave for the grocery store, and I had no idea we were even going at all. So I guess this is a blessing because I'll now be right near them and no longer excluded in what we call "Social Siberia". However, I had gotten used to having a large room. I know I didn't really need it and I didn't really use the extra space, but it was still nice. So that's a bit of a bummer, but oh well. It can't be avoided.

Also, it appears as though I'll be moving into Room D. Once again, I haven't told y'all about Room D yet, but we have this ongoing joke in our flat that whenever anything goes wrong, it's Roommate D's fault. This isn't because we are terrible people who are picking on the poor person who lives in Room D, but rather it's empty, so it's easy to blame something on an imaginary person. Long story short, Roommate D was the K1 scapegoat, and now it looks like that'll be me? I have a feeling this joke is taking a terrible turn.

17 October
I'm officially all moved into Flat F14. The name doesn't have quite the same ring to it as K1, but I guess it'll do. Although it was annoying to have to pack up all of my stuff, I think the move was a positive. Or at least I keep telling myself that to get through the annoyance. But I'm exaggerating  Let's be real, I don't even have that much stuff since I had to fly by plane to get here, so it really only took me 4 trips to get all of my stuff the few hundred yards from K Block to F Block. I pretty much just piled things into my large rolling suitcase, rolled it down the hills, lugged it up some stairs, keyed into F14, dumped everything on the ground, took my suitcase back to K1 and repeated the process.

So, as you can imagine, once I got all of my stuff into F14 I looked at everything thrown all over my room and proceeded to surf the internet instead of putting anything away. I did end up getting all of my clothes away, most of my books and random possessions in drawers and my bed made (though, smart person that I am, actually did that last) but at the moment my shoes are still all over my floor and my desk is covered in pens and knick knacks. But I should be done soon.

Our new flat is actually really nice. They just finished renovating it so our kitchen is actually beautiful (except for some unfortunate cabinets, so I can't imagine how amazing the kitchen will be next semester once they've finished the cabinets). It has a brand new faux-wood floor and the set up of the kitchen/living room is much better than our flat it Block K. And the curtains are much better. In our old flat, they looked like bad Western motel curtains and now they're actually quite lovely. The way the coffee table and living room chairs are set up makes it look more like a contained space to hang out in than the awkward chairs against the wall in our Flat K block as you can see in this picture.
                                Old Kitchen in K1:                      New Kitchen in F14:

I'm now located next to Caitlin and across the hall from Libby and Austin so that is awesome, and we have a sink in our room! This is a major upgrade, so we are all pretty pleased. As I said earlier, I now have a normal sized room but the normal sized rooms in F are bigger than the normal sized rooms in F, so it's not too bad. The super huge room in K was actually kinda awkward because I had nothing to fill the space and I quite like the coziness of my room. (But isn't that what people say to make themselves feel better about their tiny apartments?)

Old Bedroom in K1:

New Bedroom in F14:

I have a little more storage space which is nice, though I'm currently storing my shoes under the sink (and I have a feeling that's not really where they belong), but hey, that's where they fit. We also have cabinets above our armoire but I'm not really tall enough to reach them, so I can only really keep things that I'll never use there. Like extra sheets and towels and things.

As I said earlier, we are living with the Warden (sort of like an RA here, for my American readers), but from what I've gathered, she has her own kitchen in her room, which explains why there wasn't any food in the kitchen fridge and nothing in the trash or recycling bins. I think the only thing we really share with her is the toilet and bathroom (unless she has those as well, but I don't think she does). But we now have two shower rooms, so that is awesome. She seems quite nice and helpful, so I think living with her will work out fine.

So, in the end, our new flat is definitely an upgrade and I think that the inconvenience of having to move everything will be outweighed by the awesomeness of living in a much nicer flat.

So, thank you, mold? Well, maybe I wouldn't go that far...

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